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RMacTavish Football Privacy Policy

This page describes the Privacy Policy of my blog “RMacTavish Football” and I request every visitor coming on to my blog and joining with my community, to obey my privacy policy and operate under it’s norms or else I have full authority to ban the user from my blog.

What do I share on my website?

  • I write football match reviews and my thoughts and views after a match takes place.
  • A transfer of a player to a team, and how that team can benefit from that particular player.
  • About a club or player who I feel is underrated and worth writing about.
  • Content related to the football video game PES 2020

What can I offer?

  • I can offer tactical analysis of a player of a particular football match.
  • You can mail me on my email address or write in the comments about ideas on which club or player should I write about.
  • I can give instructions on how to edit teams and players on the football video game PES 2020
  • How to make personlised custom kits and import them into the football video game PES 2020

Third Party link

One can not put any third party link on my website via comments or any other method without my permission.


Cookies are small files that a browser sends to our computer hard drives to store cache data. My website can also ask for permission to send cookies.

Change in Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of this website can be changed any time in future if it is deemed necessary.

Terms and Conditions

I hope the terms and conditions of my privacy policy are obeyed by the visitors.

All rights reserved

I have full authority to block, delete or put one’s comments to spam anytime in future if I find that the privacy policy of my website is being violated.